Free apps for traveling (II): to enjoy your trip

This is the continuation of the article “Free apps to travel (I)”. If you have not read it yet, you can do it here.

In the previous article we talked about the essential mobile applications to plan your trip. In this we have prepared a new list to use during your trip. Download them and make your trip the perfect trip.

To move.

  • the essential

If we have to recommend an app to move around your destination without any doubt is This mobile application allows you to follow maps in detail (includes paths and alleys). It’s free and, best of all, offline. More than 100 million users use it around the world. You can also save points of interest and know details of each one.

Free Download it in App Store and Play Store.

  • Moovit: for the city

If you usually travel to big cities, Moovit is one of the most efficient and intuitive apps to move around. You just have to give a point of origin and a destination and calculate the fastest route with all kinds of public transport, walking and cycling. In addition, you can add to favorites some addresses and indicate departure or arrival time to your destination.

Free Download it in App Store and Play Store.

  • Guides by Lonely Planet: for lovers of guides

If you are one of those who still like to travel with a guide you have to know this app. Lonley Planet is the world’s most famous and attractive travel guide brand. The company created the mobile application in order to save all the guides in your pocket. They offer publications from more than 240 cities.

Free Download it in App Store and Play Store.


  • TripAdvisor: the classic.

If there is a mobile application that is used by almost all travelers (and those who do not) is TripAdvisor. This app offers you the best rankings with scores of users of restaurants in a city or area. They are usually ordered by categories, according to your budget or the type of food you prefer to eat.

Free Download it in App Store and Play Store.

  • HappyCow: for the vegans

If you are vegan or vegetarian, this is your app to find restaurants near you. In it, meat and fish are not welcome. Rated as the best travel app in the App Store (2019).

Free Download it in App Store and Play Store.

Travel with friends.

  • Wave: for the most clueless

If you are one of those who usually get lost, download this. Wave is the mobile application that will help you to reencounter with your friends. If you are visiting a market, a plaza or a museum and you have lost, go to it and send an alert to the whole group.

Free Download it in App Store and Play Store.

  • Expensify and Splitwise, for expenses.

Both Expensify and Splitwise will help to facilitate the control of each one’s expenses during the trip. You will only have to create a list with all those attending the trip and update it each time someone pays something. At the end of the trip and with just one click the app will tell you who is still missing.

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